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Why tallmom?
January 3, 2010, 2:41 am
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I’m 6 feet, 2.75 inches tall with a 37 inch inseam, and a woman’s size 14 shoe. Perspective on life is literally from a different vantage point when you are a woman with my stature. I’ve been a mom since 2004.  Being a mom really does define me. Being a tallmom separates me from almost every other mom in my town, so at first glance being “tallmom” separates me from most other moms you see.  Beyond my physical attributes I’ve always excelled at artistic endeavors. In my adolescence I was “good at art”, and aspired to be an artist.

As a mom of three boys who will most likely both be in the top 2% of adult height, I think about the stature advantages and disadvantages that I faced while growing up.  I truly feel growing up as a tall male to be a bit easier, and somewhat secretly hoped for male offspring for that very reason.  Either way, an exceptionally tall individual compared to there peers is going to stand out.  They can stand out in positive or negative light and their social skills play a big roll in how they will be perceived.

One response five and three quarter year old Nolan enthusiastically declared as he entered kindergarten when people marveled at his stature , “I come from a tall family.”  He’s off to a good start.  Comfortable with his height. My middle child Wyatt has mostly taken his height in stride, not making a big deal about it, but a growth spurt towards the end of second grate persuaded him to seize an opportunity to truly differentiate.  He found himself, along with all seven second grade classrooms on the same playground at the same time.  Routines are often broken or reordered at the end of a school year.  He was getting comments on his recent growth and as a result wanted to see how much taller he was than all the other kids in his grade.  He lined up his peers and soon the teachers were helping.  He enthusiastically told me about this experience as I picked him up from school.